CHIP Reverse Mortgage: Resources to Help You Make the Right Decision

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I’ve been the President and CEO of HomeEquity Bank for over 20 years. We are a schedule 1, chartered bank with a single product:  reverse mortgages that unlock the equity Canadians – aged 55 or older – have built in their homes.

Our business has given us a unique vantage point to the many changes that have taken place in the financial, mortgage and housing markets. One thing that has not changed, however, is the fact that homes are the single largest asset that most Canadian families hold.

This blog is designed to share our insight and perspective on the trends that are affecting that asset and its value. That extends to such related issues as managing debt, health care options, financial planning, government policy, capital markets and the impact of demographic shifts on the economy.

By engaging in this important dialogue, we collectively ensure that Canadians have the tools, resources and information to plan for and enjoy a stable, worry-free retirement.

Steven Ranson

The HomeEquity Bank Note


Ziomecki has worked at HomeEquity Bank for eight years, expertly raising the profile of the company. She has helped to make reverse mortgages a trusted option for older Canadians and their families. She’s deeply committed to how a CHIP Reverse Mortgage can make life more prosperous, safer and more enjoyable for Canadians 55 years and older. She describes writing her book as an act of love. Home Run offers expert advice and reliable information to those looking for a secure, comfortable and gratifying way to age in place.

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Jayne Eastwood as Doris in conversation stopper

Each commercial finish with the same inspiring comment: “Retire in the home you love, with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage.” The commercials use humour to get across some serious points: Canadians are living longer, they’re not frail and dependent, Canadian retirees know their own minds and they won’t be told what to do, and finally, that downsizing isn’t for everyone.

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