HomeEquity’s EVP Yvonne Ziomecki talks about her new book, Home Run: The Reverse Mortgage Advantage

Yvonne Ziomecki, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales

In this interview, HomeEquity Bank Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Yvonne Ziomecki talks about her new book, Home Run: the Reverse Mortgage Advantage, (co-written with HomeEquity Bank President & CEO Steven Ranson) her family, and her thoughts about shaping a successful retirement.

She is interviewed by author and educator Joyce Wayne who writes the blog Retirement Matters.ca.

Joyce: Who do you think should read your book Home Run, now that there are almost 7-million older Canadians? In the book your write about the “new retiree.” Could you paint a portrait of the new retiree?

Yvonne: The book has a really broad appeal. If you’re on the younger end of the age spectrum, it might start you thinking about what you’d prefer your retirement to look like. If you’re older, you could start making decisions about ageing. In either case, the new retiree is really all of us. It’s somebody who feels young, who has different interests, who loves his or her family and friends. It might be someone with a complicated family life, or someone with health issues. It could be a person who is still working. My point is there is no one new retiree. Everyone is different and has the opportunity to define yourself and how you wish your retirement to look for you.

Joyce: What’s the best way to find out about reverse mortgages?

Yvonne: The best way that people can do this is to do their own research.  They can go online to our website and they can read about our reverse mortgages. The second best thing is to look and see what our existing customers are saying.  So if you go to the website called Trustpilot, which is a totally independent site, you can read what our customers are saying. In some instances, we can even put you in touch with a HomeEquity Bank client. That way, you can talk one on one to get the information you need.

Joyce: How has your job as Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at HomeEquity changed you? You’ve been at HomeEquity Bank for seven years?

Yvonne:  This job makes me more compassionate and allows me to explore my emotional side, I feel very connected to our clients and to their stories.  And I feel very passionate about helping them. It’s a gift to have a job where you know you’re making a difference.