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A recent report in the Financial Post suggested that applying for a HELOC may become much more difficult after the current crisis. Many people experiencing financial difficulty are currently getting by thanks to government crisis stimulus and mortgage/loan deferrals. If those stop before everyone is back at work, many people could start considering HELOC options to stay afloat.

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Debt Consolidation

If you have seen the Hollywood movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, the process of debt consolidation will make a lot of sense to you. When you are in deep with credit card debt, paying the minimum monthly amount due only lets you scrape through from one installment to another.

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Retirement Planning


How to Stay Safe at Home

We live in the times of COVID-19, a deadly disease that has brought almost the entire global economy to a standstill. Countries across the world have gone into a complete or partial lockdown, with individual provinces and cities also declaring a “State of Emergency”.

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Reverse Mortgage Videos

Kurt Browning

Joyce Wayne: Retirement Matters

You're better than you think

His findings erode the idea that older adults naturally grow uninterested and uninteresting as they age and that an inevitable lethargy sets in over time. According to Dr. Daniel, there are apparent “neurochemical changes that make older adults happier.” What he terms the ‘positivity bias’ or the tendency in older adults to see the good qualities in people and situations, makes for the happiest and often most productive adult demographic neurologists have studied

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Long term care

It’s almost unimaginable to think that the most vulnerable of our ageing population has been left to fend for themselves in perilous conditions. When I think of what it must be like, alone and frightened, my only response is that as a country, we need to commit to changing this situation and to ensuring that it will not happen again if and when the next virus is on the loose.

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Finding a balance between Isolation and Occupation

No matter how well self-isolating is going, I suggest making a calendar of online events you enjoy with friends and family – or organizations - outside the home. That way, the balancing act between isolation and keeping occupied is met, and you don't wake up one morning wondering what you did with all that time during the pandemic.

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The HomeEquity Bank Note

How it Works?

How Reverse Mortgages Work

If you're like many other 55+ Canadians, much of what you own fits into two categories - the equity in your home ...

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Reverse Mortgage Videos

Reverse Mortgage Videos

Watch these videos from HomeEquity Bank and learn more about CHIP Reverse Mortgage

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