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Reverse Mortgage

Retirement Planning

Happy Senior Spouses looking at Bills on Laptop

Old Age Security in Canada is a monthly payment that you can start to receive as soon as you turn 65. Like old age pension payments, the money you receive from Old Age Security is taxable. It is designed to provide most pensioners with an amount to cover basic necessities.

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Senior Couple RRSP withdrawal calculator

RRSPs are designed to help you to save for retirement, so you’re not meant to make an RRSP early withdrawal. If you do take an RRSP early withdrawal, RRSP withdrawal rules mean you could end up paying an RRSP withdrawal penalty, which we will explore in this article, as well as how to withdraw RRSP investments.

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Senior couple RRSP deadline

The Canada RRSP contribution deadline is fast approaching. It’s a time when many people ask, what is the deadline for RRSP contributions in Canada, as they rush to make their final contributions for the tax year. But why is the RRSP deadline such a big deal?

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Happy senior couple renovating their home

If you’ve been living in your home for a long time, you might have reached the point where you love it less than when you first moved in. It could be that it’s starting to look a little tired or worn around the edges. Or, it could just be that, having spent so much time looking at the same four walls during the pandemic, you need to change things up.

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Older couple painting eggs for Easter with paintbrushes

Hosting family gatherings or participating in egg hunts or other traditional Easter events may not be the same. While the celebrations may look slightly different this year, there are plenty of fun Easter ideas to enjoy with family and friends safely and make the most of your Easter long weekend. Read on for some exciting suggestions for Easter activities this long weekend.

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Middle age couple hugging and smiling at each other

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about your significant other. You can celebrate it with all the people you love, including your friends and family. However, given the pandemic and various levels of lockdown across the country, many of us will need to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year.

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Reverse Mortgage Videos

Kurt Browning

Kurt Browning holding a dog on a couch

Kurt Browning, a Canadian figure skater and the celebrity spokesperson for HomeEquity Bank, partners with his dog to describe the benefits of a CHIP Reverse Mortgage and how it can help you retire in the home you love.

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HomeEquity Bank commercial still of Kurt Browning sitting on a bench

Kurt Browning, a Canadian figure skater and the celebrity spokesperson for HomeEquity Bank returns to tell you more about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

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Joyce Wayne: Retirement Matters

Elderly woman getting coronavirus vaccine

The challenge facing Canada is to try to ensure that the doses of COVID-19 fighting vaccines arrive in the country according to schedule and that the provinces distribute them quickly and efficiently. If so, Canadians could be looking at a much brighter summer than expected.

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Senior couple sitting in a convertible car smiling together

On that 1966 Saturday night in Detroit, gas was 39 cents a gallon, a pack of cigarettes about double. A Coney Island hotdog (a downtown Detroit specialty) covered with chili sauce, yellow mustard and chopped onions was less than three bucks. Both cities, Windsor and Detroit, were booming, riding the immense wave of the post-World War II culture based on fast cars, endless cheap oil reserves, big unions, burgeoning wages and the opportunity to make good if you worked hard and played fair.

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Doctor giving senior woman vaccination Covid virus

We’ve all been waiting for good news about vaccinations, and now it’s finally here. The wait has been more arduous for some than others. Older adults are particularly hard hit by the pandemic, both those living in their own homes who are self-isolating, and more so for those living in long-term care facilities.

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The HomeEquity Bank Note

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How Reverse Mortgages Work

If you're like many other 55+ Canadians, much of what you own fits into two categories - the equity in your home ...

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Reverse Mortgage Videos

Reverse Mortgage Videos

Watch these videos from HomeEquity Bank and learn more about CHIP Reverse Mortgage

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