Why I chose to partner with HomeEquity Bank

Kurt chooses to partner with HomeEquity Bank and spread the word about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

Many Canadians may have seen the recent news that I have partnered with HomeEquity Bank, Canada’s leading provider of reverse mortgages. But many of you may not know why I chose to partner with them. Well, call it middle age and starting to understand the challenges that come with that time of life.  I now see how quickly time flies by and know that many people will, over the next 20 years or so, find that their options have become limited.  Like many Canadians, I have worked hard to achieve my dreams, and I understand that the dream of many senior Canadians is to live their retirement in the homes they built and love. Unfortunately, more retirees are finding it difficult to finance their retirement while being able to age in their homes. Many Canadians may have retired years ago when the cost of living was not as high. But with time comes inflation, and retirement plans may not have taken that into consideration.

I partnered with HomeEquity Bank because I wanted to help spread the word about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage. For over 30 years, the CHIP Reverse Mortgage has helped thousands of Canadians live the life they’ve always dreamed about, and as a Canadian, I am an advocate of the product since it helps improve the lives of senior Canadians. So many senior Canadians are struggling to retire independently, but the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help them do just that. With a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, retired Canadians can stay in the home that they have loved and let their house help pay them back. As a retired Canadian, you have worked hard to maintain and keep your home, why not have your home help you in return.

On a more personal note, being able to do a creative project with my two sons and a hero of mine Mr. Donald Jackson made everything even better.  I have met and enjoy the energy and positive mindset of the folks that work at Home Equity.  Simply put, my gut tells me they are good people.

I am looking forward to this new partnership with HomeEquity Bank, and we can’t wait for all of the surprises to be revealed. This is an exciting time and on behalf of HomeEquity Bank, I hope you will all support us on this new adventure together.

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