Why I’m Such a Passionate Believer in HomeEquity Bank — And its Customers

Kurt Browning sitting on a bench

By Kurt Browning

When HomeEquity Bank approached me four years ago to be their spokesperson, I did a lot of research into the company. My reputation and personal integrity are important to me. I didn’t just want to be a face and a name. I wanted to believe in what I was endorsing.

HomeEquity Bank’s CHIP Reverse Mortgage played a large role in providing me with that assurance four years ago. And now, the bank’s commitment to its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic has only made me a more passionate believer in the company.

I could see the benefits of the CHIP Reverse Mortgage right away. The product gives Canadians 55 and up an opportunity to tap into their home’s equity with tax-free cash and no monthly payments. They can receive the funds as a lump sum or as regular deposits to supplement their income. Most importantly, they continue to own their homes — and are empowered to remain in the place they love.

We know nine in 10 Canadian homeowners want to grow old in their beloved homes, and HomeEquity Bank is helping to provide them with the resources to do that.
Four years on, and as someone who’s approaching the age of 55 myself, I still really admire the financial freedom and peace of mind the CHIP Reverse Mortgage is providing those 55 and up. It’s helping older Canadians live their retirement dreams to the fullest.

The bank’s commitment to their customers has only been more pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their products make even more sense at a time when older homeowners may have seen their savings shrink. Maybe they’ve had to help children or grandchildren get through the pandemic, possibly even putting their home ownership at risk. The CHIP Reverse Mortgage has acted as a much-need lifeline for some customers during the pandemic.

But it’s not just the CHIP Reverse Mortgage. The bank also launched CHIP Health, a product that provides older Canadians with the tools and resources they need to make their homes more accessible. And just recently, they launched CHIP Open, designed for homeowners seeking a short-term loan option.

But beyond their products, the bank has made a special commitment to their customers that goes above and beyond what any other financial institution has done. It launched a special campaign called Operation Warm Hug in which CEO Steve Ranson and employees called customers to proactively check on them, helping ease feelings of isolation, especially in the early weeks of the pandemic. HomeEquity Bank also made significant donations to the Canadian Red Cross, the YMCA of Greater Toronto and other charities across the country.

But that’s not all! They even teamed up with the world’s most famous con man- turned-FBI adviser Frank W. Abagnale, whose book Catch Me If You Can inspired the Hollywood blockbuster. Their four-part video series titled Catch the Scam teaches older Canadians how to guard against scams that have been on the rise since the pandemic.

All of this really shows how much the bank cares about older Canadians.

It’s why I’m proud to be HomeEquity Bank’s spokesperson, and delighted to be continuing to represent the company.

Our plans for the weeks and months ahead include a new series of commercials, plus testing an innovative new program that involves me chatting with customers one-on-one. I promise to provide tips on landing quadruple toe loops — although, more realistically, what I’m really looking forward to is hearing first-hand how their clients are staying healthy and happy on a multitude of fronts during the pandemic.

If it’s unusual for a celebrity spokesperson to be so accessible, it really shouldn’t be — and that’s the whole point. HomeEquity Bank and I are blazing new trails together, committed to ensuring older Canadian homeowners will continue to benefit from our partnership.

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