How A CHIP Reverse Mortgage Helps Retired Canadians

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To commemorate their 30th anniversary, HomeEquity Bank Canada teamed up with a celebrity spokesperson to increase brand awareness about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage.

Kurt Browning is a Canadian figure skater, choreographer and commentator. A four-time World Champion and four-time Canadian national champion, Kurt has worked hard to achieve his dreams. He understands how Canadian seniors have worked hard to create a home of their own. As the value of their home increases, a CHIP Reverse Mortgage can be a great solution as a source of extra income.

Canadian seniors who are 55 or older and own their own homes, can turn up to 55% of their home equity in to tax-free cash. They don’t have to sell their homes and they get to stay in their homes it without the stress of monthly payments.

Video Transcript

Kurt: Hi, I’m Kurt Browning. HomeEquity Bank has asked me to talk to you about how a CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help retired Canadians because it will…

Older Son: Because you’re retired.

Kurt: Oh, oh I’m not retired.

Younger Son: Because you’re old

Kurt: I’m not old. No, that’s not why they asked me. Because I understand how hard you’ve worked to achieve your dreams. And after all that hard work maybe it’s time for retirement. Your home has increased in value over the years. You can use that money to live on. But you don’t want to sell the home that means so much to you. Well, with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, you don’t have to.

VO: If you’re 55 or older and own your own home, you can turn up to 55% of its value in to tax free cash. You don’t have to sell. You get to stay in your home and there are no monthly payments.

Kurt: I’m excited to be working with HomeEquity Bank because..

Younger Son: Because you’re old!

Older Son: And retired!

Kurt: I’m not that old and I’m not quite retired. No what I am is pleased, pleased to help spread the word about the CHIP reverse mortgage because it has helped thousands of Canadians start living the life they’ve always dreamed about.

John A: The CHIP reverse mortgage was a smart financial decision for me. It’s actually has given me my life on my terms.

Jan M: We were worried about what the future my hold for us. And CHIP reverse mortgage has definitely relieved our stress.

VO: Call now to find out how much money you can get with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank. Cal1 1 877 474 24477, that’s 1 877 474 2447.

Kurt: I got a question for you. What, can an old guy do that?

Older son: That was pretty cool

Kurt: Isn’t it

Younger Son: Wow

Older Son: yeah

VO: Unlock the value in your home with a CHIP reverse mortgage from HomeEquity Bank. A Canadian company. Over thirty years in business. Call 1 877 474 2447 now.

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