CHIP Reverse Mortgage Commercial: Kurt Browning with Don Jackson

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Kurt Browning is the celebrity spokesperson for HomeEquity Bank, Canada. He has partnered with Don Jackson for an upcoming Chip Reverse Mortgage commercial and practicing seemed like the natural thing to do.

CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank, a Canadian company, allows senior homeowners who are 55 years or older to access 55% of their home equity into tax-free cash with out the hassle of monthly payments.

Live your retirement dream without selling the home you love. Find out how much tax-free cash you qualify for!

Video Transcript +

Kurt: Hey Don!

Don: Kurt

Kurt: I’m going to be filming a commercial for reverse mortgages, can I practice on you?

Don: Sure

Kurt: Okay, if you’re 55 years or older and you own your own home, you can turn up to 55% of its value into tax-free cash with a CHIP reverse mortgage from HomeEquity Bank.

Don: You can?

Kurt: Yeah, you can!

Kurt: You don’t have to sell, and you can still live in your own home. And there are no monthly payments. Whatga think?

Don: Kurt, that sounds awesome.

Kurt: Good

Don: I hope you nail it.

Kurt: Oh, thanks Don. I think we just did.

VO: Call 1 877 474 2447 for your free guide.

VO: CHIP Reverse Mortgage from HomeEquity Bank, a Canadian company.

VO: Call 1 877 474 2447 now.

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