A Winter Checklist For Canadian Homeowners

Ground level view of someone shoveling snow with a red shovel

Important home maintenance tasks to complete this winter

Winter is challenging for all homeowners, but older Canadians may need a little extra help when it’s time to prepare for all the ice and snow. Safety during the colder months doesn’t just stop at dressing appropriately for the weather, but also making sure your home is protected from the drop in temperature as well.

Depending on what part of the country you live, you may have a little or a lot to do in terms of winter safety when it comes to the home. However, if you live in an area that typically experiences a lot of ice, snow, sleet, windstorms and months of frozen precipitation, it’s imperative that your maintenance tasks are completed annually. That is the best way to keep your systems operating correctly and to protect your entire property from winter damage.

Winterization preparation guide

Ensuring that your home is winterized is an extremely important step to take in order to stay safe and warm all winter long. Before attempting to winterize your home on your own, it’s a good idea to get a helping hand from a friend, family member or professional who can help you tackle this winter checklist. Some of the tasks can be strenuous or involve climbing up on ladders which may increase your risk for a fall.

Below is a winter checklist to remind Canadian homeowners what to prepare for and the costs associated with each of the services.

A winter checklist to remind Canadian homeowners what to prepare for and the costs associated with the service

Consider a reverse mortgage to finance your winter maintenance needs

We understand that home maintenance can add up quickly and are easy tasks to put off, especially when the weather is nice. When winter comes around and the bad weather comes with it, failing to properly take care of your home can make these small maintenance tasks become costly. If you’re having difficulty getting cash that your home desperately needs, you should consider financing your winter checklist with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage®. Our products require no monthly payments from the homeowner in regards to principle or interest payment amounts.

Our reverse mortgage is a safe and reliable solution for Canadian homeowners over the age of 55. Access your home equity and use the tax-free cash to make your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter season.

Do you need extra funds to cover the costs of your winter checklist? Learn how the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help you with home maintenance tasks. To discover how a reverse mortgage can give you the equity you need, call 1-866-522-2447 today.

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