Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day for people like you in all corners of the world to go out of their way to bring delight to those around them.

What is a “Random Act of Kindness?” It’s exactly as it sounds — any simple, spontaneous act that brings joy to another person. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; even the simplest of measures can bring happiness to others.

With winter still upon us and many of us not able to spend time with family and friends right now, there’s no better time to carry out a random act of kindness and spread a little love.

10 Ideas to Surprise and Delight on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Here are 10 simple acts that you could do today to bring some joy to anyone — whether it’s a complete stranger or your nearest and dearest.

1. Write a hand-written letter to a loved one

Letter-writing is an art that many have forgotten, but in the age of email and text there’s something extra-special about holding a physical letter. So why not make one of your friends or family members feel cherished by taking the time to write them a letter?

2. Leave a positive online review for a local business

The past year has been a very difficult time for many local businesses. Leaving a positive review for a neighbourhood restaurant, café or shop that you’ve enjoyed over the years is an easy and important way to encourage others to shop there too — and to boost the spirits of hard-working small business owners.

3. Shop local

Show your support for smaller, local stores by shopping at their establishments instead of Big Box chains. Like big retailers, many smaller stores are offering online shopping and curb-side pickup so you can feel safe when you shop!

4. Bring in your neighbour’s garbage and recycling bins if they forget

Imagine the delight in looking out your window to see your neighbour pulling your bins to the curb, especially on cold winter days. You could also offer to do so regularly if your neighbour has mobility issues and struggles to do it themselves.

5. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through

Why not pick up the tab on a cup of coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through at your favourite coffee shop? It’s sure to put a smile on their face for the rest of the day! Pay it forward!

6. Donate to a local food bank

Many Canadian families have been hit by financial hardship over the past year. Donating food to a local food bank is an excellent way to help out a family in need. Find a food bank near you:

7. Call a friend or neighbour who may be lonely

Many Canadians lack a support network of friends and family and struggle with loneliness and isolation, which can have negative effects on both their mental and physical health. Today would be a great day to reach out to a friend or neighbour who might be in this position – a simple chat and catch-up with a familiar voice could mean more to them than you know.

8. Drop off a pie, a cake or a batch of cookies to a loved one’s home

This thoughtful gesture will show that you’re thinking of them – just make sure to let them know in advance if you’re dropping the goodies off!

9. Clear snow from your neighbour’s front path

If you’re able to clear snow from your front path, you could help out your neighbour and clear theirs too!

10. Donate used towels or blankets to an animal shelter

Random acts of kindness don’t just apply to people. Animal shelters are always in need of extra items to help make the stay more comfortable for our furry friends. No doubt Rover and Fluffy will appreciate them too!

Days like Random Acts of Kindness Day are wonderful reminders of the positive impact that even the simplest gestures can have on the lives of those around us. Just one act today can bring a smile to someone’s face for weeks. And remember – there’s nothing stopping you from keeping the spirit of the day going through the entire year!

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