Ideas to Brighten up Your Easter Long Weekend

Older couple painting eggs for Easter with paintbrushes

How to Celebrate Easter During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With Easter is just around the corner and the ongoing COVID-19 vaccines rolling out throughout the country, celebrating the Easter long weekend will be different once again this year.  

Hosting family gatherings or participating in egg hunts or other traditional Easter events may not be  the same. While the celebrations may look slightly different this year, there are plenty of fun Easter ideas to enjoy with family and friends safely and make the most of your Easter long weekend. Read on for some exciting suggestions for Easter activities this long weekend.

Top five ideas for a memorable Easter long weekend during COVID-19

While this may not be the year for event hopping or socializing on the Easter long weekend, here are some indoor and outdoor activities that can make your Easter celebration a fun and memorable one. All our suggestions are family friendly. You can try them out one-on-one or with your entire family.

  1. Try alternative Easter egg hunts: Setting the kids loose on a playground dotted with Easter eggs may not exactly meet physical distancing requirements, especially if it involves groups from different households.
    • If your yard allows for sufficient space, then get creative with an at-home Easter egg hunt or plan other fun Easter games for everyone in your household.
    • If your neighbourhood or community group organizes drive-through Easter egg hunts or bunny trails, simply hop into your car and participate in the Easter festivities.
    • If you want to go virtual with your Easter egg hunt, plan and coordinate your clues and treats with all the families who will participate in the online Easter celebrations.
  1. Host online family gatherings: Whether you gather online via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, there are dozens of Easter weekend ideas for virtual family get-togethers. From digital church services and Good Friday activities to Easter crafts for young families and Easter activities for retirees, there is plenty you can enjoy for Easter long weekend this year.
    • If attending Mass is one of your traditions for Easter Sunday, check with your local place of worship for online or live streaming services that allow you to safely carry out the religious aspects of your Easter celebration.
    • If you are looking for simple and exciting Easter activities for retirees in the family, think about bingo, Scrabble, charades or other such options that will add heaps of excitement to your online celebration.
    • If food takes centre stage in your time honoured Easter traditions, plan virtual cookouts between different households, or host an Easter-themed cooking lesson for all your friends and family. You can also try baking your favourite traditional Easter dessert.
  1. Easter cheer with a personal touch: Everyone loves receiving cards and letters from friends or family. Consider making handmade cards or use free printable Easter greetings to send Happy Easter wishes to your loved ones. Better yet, get creative and try making fun Easter crafts.
  2. Bring home a special Easter meal: While it may not be possible to go out for an Easter brunch or dinner, or head to Grandma’s for her Easter treats and goodies, keep up the festive spirit by ordering in a delicious multi-course meal. Not only will it give you a break from long hours in the kitchen, but you will also be doing your bit to support local businesses. Just make sure that you plan ahead, check which restaurants are open on Easter Sunday, and pre-order your meal in order to avoid any last-minute disappointments.
  3. Take your celebrations outdoors: The slightly warmer weather may make for some welcoming outdoor activities for the Easter long weekend.
    • Fire up the barbeque and organize an at-home family concert in the backyard. Whether it is the kids or grandparents, everyone loves a little song and dance.
    • Plan a hike on your favorite trails and connect with nature. While the spring sunshine could be a welcome addition to your Easter weekend, you may also enjoy the first sight of greenery and get to see all the trees and foliage come back to life.
    • The Easter long weekend may also be the perfect time to pay attention to your home exteriors or do some simple gardening with the kids or grandkids. Clean up the lawn, prune a bush or two, sow some seeds, create an Easter-themed planter, or craft an Easter wreath using the twigs from your own yard.

Celebrating Easter is all about fun and festivities with your loved ones. Although many Canadians have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is still risky to visit or spend time with kids or grandkids for the Easter long weekend, if you are not in the same household. This year, you may not be able to experience the typical traditional fun of an Easter weekend, but that should not stop you from adding a fun twist to old traditions. With so many interesting and safe Easter activities for retirees during COVID-19, you can celebrate a memorable Easter long weekend holiday.

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