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Zoomers in Canada can greatly benefit from a CARP membership.

The 5 benefits of a CARP Membership for Zoomers

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The CHIP Reverse Mortgage is now proudly endorsed by CARP – Canadian Association of Retired Persons. CARP is a national, non-profit organization that advocates for improved health and financial security for Canadians as we age.

CARP provides members with 4 different membership plans, 3 of which include Zoomer Magazine subscriptions. For a single 1 year CARP Membership for you and your spouse, the cost is $19.95. For more information, visit CARP page.

CARP provides members with 4 different membership plans, 3 of which include Zoomer Magazine subscriptions. For a single 1 year CARP Membership for you and your spouse, the cost is Read More

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CARP Members can get a cash rebate of up to $250*
  1. Discounts and membership perks

    As a CARP member, you can enjoy exclusive benefits and offers on a wide range of products and services. CARP benefits for Zoomers include travel discounts, insurance and health benefits and discounts on entertainment and lifestyle products. HomeEquity Bank is now also offering a great benefit for CARP members, in which new CHIP Reverse Mortgage customers can receive a rebate of up to $250 on their home appraisal. For more information on the CHIP Reverse Mortgage offer for CARP members, please visit our CARP section.

  2. Get the most updated news catered to the aging Canadian population

    CARP members get updated with current political events that may affect them, including retirement benefits, the latest on OAS, and health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s via email and through CARP’s website.

  3. CARP Advocacy

    CARP is an advocate for Canadian issues on aging, bringing awareness to issues affecting most Canadians in their later years. CARP also builds policies and petitions surrounding many issues that affect aging Canadians.

  4. Retirement Planning resource for “Zoomers”

    For those of us who are retired or near-retired, a CARP Membership can prepare you for some of the potential unknown issues, products and services that you should consider. Planning your retirement can help you avoid many costly surprises, and CARP members and advocates are well versed with anything and everything you might need to know about aging in Canada.

  5. Events and educational topics that affect you

    CARP members get invited to frequent events that take place in local chapters. Each chapter is an active advocate working for local change while supporting national efforts. Whether the event surrounds an issue that you feel passionate about or if the event is an educational one to prepare you for some of the challenges that you may need to overcome as you age, CARP is a great source to bring people of like situations together and to educate and support one another.

    The above list only scratches the surface of the many benefits a CARP Membership can bring to you and your family. Awareness continues to play a big role in being prepared for retirement. And not only does CARP provide you with the news that affects you, but CARP also provides you with discounts and benefits for products and services that are specifically catered to benefit you as you age.

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