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Joyce Wayne has been writing about social issues, business and culture for forty years.

This year she is publishing her second novel, Last Night of the World, a spy thriller about Soviet spies operating in Canada during World War II. Joyce is also the author of The Cook’s Temptation. An award-winning journalist, Joyce is most interested in the stories of men and women trying to thrive in challenging circumstances.

Here, she is exploring matters relevant to the lives of retirees and soon-to-be-retirees facing the rapidly changing circumstances of the new retirement.

Joyce Wayne

Joyce Wayne: Retirement Matters

Online shopping has changed the lifestyle pattern of Canadian seniors.

I’m afraid of Amazon. Aren’t you? It’s not that older adults haven’t adjusted to the new world of online retail shopping, it’s that we’ve adjusted all too well.

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How Reverse Mortgages Work

What is CHIP?

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is a home equity loan available exclusively to Canadian homeowners 55 or older.

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Reverse Mortgage Videos

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