CHIP Reverse Mortgage: Resources to Help You Make the Right Decision


Reverse Mortgage


Similar to conventional mortgage rates, reverse mortgages are offered with fixed or variable rate terms and are impacted by the actions of the Bank of Canada (BoC). Since the BoC raised its overnight interest rate for the third time this year, to 1.50%, on June 1, mortgage rates are no doubt on the minds of many homeowners. This is also true for Canadians with a reverse mortgage or those considering one.

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Detective Constable Kristin Thomas, has been with the Toronto Police Services for 23 years. She is an experienced fraud investigator working in the Financial Crimes Unit, Corporate Crimes Section. According to Constable Thomas, the fraudsters’ scams play to the victims’ loneliness –and with one thing leading to another, they develop into romance. To avoid falling into the elaborate traps set by these predators, Thomas suggests being extra careful about what you post online or how you word your profile. Most victims never even meet their predator face to face. If you think you are being scammed, Thomas suggests getting support from friends, family, or your doctor. it’s essential to look for the signs of fraud that Constable Thomas describes and learn how to quickly recognize these signs and reach out for help.

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A mortgage refinance can be a useful financial tool, allowing homeowners to cash in some of the equity in their home and/or secure a considerably lower mortgage interest rate. Refinance mortgage calculators in Canada are really helpful when planning for this process. There are costs involved when refinancing a mortgage, so when you need to know if it’s worth it to refinance, a mortgage calculator can help, as well as being able to help you plan the best time to refinance your mortgage.

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Lines of credit in Canada are extremely popular: around three million Canadians have a home equity line of credit, while many more have a personal line of credit in Canada. So, what is a line of credit loan and why is it so popular?

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A home equity reverse mortgage is a loan secured against your home and is available to Canadian homeowners aged 55-plus. For a reverse mortgage, home equity is an essential component, because the amount of equity will determine the size of the reverse mortgage home equity loan available to you. A reverse mortgage home equity loan allows you to cash in up to 55% of your home’s value but included in that 55% will be any loans you already have against your home, which will be paid off by the reverse mortgage.

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An older woman knitting and wearing headphones sitting on a couch

If you’re ready to start your new hobby, there are a few ways you can generate additional income from it even in retirement. This way, you can enjoy your leisure activities while also enjoying part-time work. Fortunately, if you are creative enough, many hobbies for the elderly can be turned into a profit. However, how much you earn may depend on how much time you are willing to invest in marketing your products or services.

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