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Medical Expenses are Increasing

Between 2009 and 2019, the cost of public healthcare insurance rose by 20.9%. And public healthcare covers only about 70% of total medical expenses. Those without private insurance spend over $5,000 per year for things like prescription drugs, mobility aids, dental care, physiotherapy, hearing aids and glasses. An accident, illness or long-term disability may lead to expenses you haven’t budgeted for.

The Importance of Ageing in Place

93% of Canadians aged 65+ want to stay in their current home during retirement. It’s not surprising that many Canadians, like you, don’t want to leave the home they’ve worked hard for and built so many memories in. In addition to physical and mental health benefits, staying in your home lets you maintain your independence and remain close to family and friends. But if you need money to pay for recent medical expenses, retrofit your home or pay for in home care and don’t want to sell your home, what options do you have?

CHIP is the perfect solution to help you get the funds you need and stay in the home you love.

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